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    <allredirects arcontinue="Fire_Prism|1318" />
      <r fromid="1095" ns="0" title="Bandit Scimitar" />
      <r fromid="972" ns="0" title="Biskalane Desert" />
      <r fromid="1089" ns="0" title="Blood Maul" />
      <r fromid="1136" ns="0" title="Chess Board" />
      <r fromid="1209" ns="0" title="Chunk of elemental corruption" />
      <r fromid="1208" ns="0" title="Chunk of elemental purity" />
      <r fromid="207" ns="0" title="Console Adding NPC Speech" />
      <r fromid="1320" ns="0" title="Death Prism" />
      <r fromid="249" ns="0" title="Design and Development Process" />
      <r fromid="1287" ns="0" title="Diseased tree" />