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          <rev user="Daenks" timestamp="2015-08-14T21:22:02Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">== Open Meridian Project ==

We are The Open Meridian Project, a loose knit group of people working on a new expansion, and a new 3d client for the legacy MMO, Meridian 59.

Meridian 59 was first launched in December 1995, making it the first commercial 3d MUD. It is a skill based game, there are no levels in the traditional sense, and is known for an excellent PvP experience. It was open-sourced in February 2010 under the GPLv2. The artwork and some 3rd party licensed tools were not included.

Meridian 59 is based on old school '90s principles, characterized by hardcore PvP, open-world competition, and an avoidance of level, class, and treadmill systems. Rather, you will build your adventurer by exploring and playing with the skills and spells you like, growing your abilities independent of any artificial levels or classes. The unique fantasy world of Meridian 59 offers exploration, combat, and political drama.

=== Important Links ===

[[Project Staff]]

[ Open Meridian Project Homepage]

[ Open Meridian Project Forums]

[ Server/Tools/Old Client Project on Github]

[ New Ogre3d Client Project on Google Code]

The [[:Category:Projects Under Development]] Page lists projects that are currently underway.

See the [[Server List]] for places to play.

=== Long-term Goals ===

*Write one or many new expansion(s) to Meridian 59
*Write tools that make administering meridian server easier
*Write a login server that supports multiple servers
*Fix or replace the antiquated room editor
*Make the game as user friendly as possibile (Tutorials, etc.)

=== Current Focus ===

* Tools and Systems
** Room editor
** Database connectivity
** Login server
* New content
** Monsters
** NPCs
** Rooms
** Lore
** Items
** Quests

== Wiki Content Portals ==

* Development [[Documentation]]
* [[Gameplay]] Portal
* [[Patch Testing]] logs</rev>