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Alchemy is Meridian's school of Item Magic and is an expression of the Natural Sciences in a world with magic. It is heavily based on Intellect and highly connected to civilization and the sciences. Its primary reagent is shillings, portrayed as actually transmuting the gold or purchasing alchemical supplies.

Alchemy books that teach spells and skills have been completely lost to the ages. The last known alchemist was purported to be heading to Meridian by sailing ship, but he never made it...

Level 1

Create Shield - Spell. Manifests a temporary shield.
Create Helmet - Spell. Manifests a temporary helmet.
Ring Sustainment - Skill. Resist charge loss of worn rings. Consumes shillings when successful.

Level 2

Mechanized Quiver - Skill. Resist arrow consumption. Consumes shillings when successful.
Douse - Spell. Puts out your + enemy firewalls.
Maintenance - Skill. Resist durability loss. Consumes shillings when successful.

Level 3

Imbue Ring - Spell. Craft a ring containing a buff of your choice.
Transmogrification - Skill. Resist reagent use by burning shillings instead
Detonate bombs - Spell. Detonates your bombs.
Fire bomb - Bomb. Sets enemies on fire in an area. (Applies lots of STATUS_BURNING). Also leaves firewalls.

Level 4

Reconstruct - Spell. Repair a completely destroyed item.
Unstable Infusion - Stance. Causes the alchemist's weapon to randomly deal fire, shock, cold, or acid damage, but never the same one in a row.
Lightning bomb - Bomb. Detonation applies STATUS_SHOCKED, leaves lightning walls, and dazzles in an area.

Level 5

Spellbomb - Bomb. Creates a bomb that, when detonated, casts an attack spell you know.
Elemental Imbalance - Skill. The alchemist's elemental hits very briefly give an nemy +% resistance to the elements they're hit with, but -% to all other elements.
Potion Preservation Skill. Resist potion charge use, lower potion filling cost.

Level 6

Harmonics - Skill. Alchemist can wear a second ring. Increased damage taken until 99% is reached.