Avar Warrior

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There are three factions of avar warriors sharing the description "Fierce warriors, these flightless bird men demand caution as you approach."

All are level 120 during the day and level 130 at night and share loot tables.

  • Kyip-Kyip-Kreeet Avar warriors (red)
  • Peet-Seeeep Avar warriors (blue)
  • Chyup-Tewee faction warrior (green) - these are found deeper in the jungle, near the Bone Priestess and Riija temple.

Unholy attacks and scimitars are exceptionally effective against these creatures.

They deal bludgeon damage during the day. At night their damage may change to a random element. These creatures will attack other creatures, particularly dragonflies and negative karma creatures (in arenas)

They are considered good creatures and will take you to -80 karma.

Weapon 0
Magic Weapons 0
Nerudite -25
Bludgeon 0
Pierce 0
Slash 10
Thrust 0
Magic 0
Acid 0
Cold -25
Fire 20
Shock 0
Quake 0
Holy 0
Unholy 0


Pretty much every zone on the island.


Edible Mushroom

Ivy Circlet

Kriipa Claw

Leather Armor

Magic weapons

Nerudite Armor

Nerudite Sword

Rainbow Fern

Web Moss

Yrxl Sap