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Banditry's flagship skill, Backstab, is the classic skill we all know and love. To attempt a Backstab, the user must be sneaking and hiding, and then attack a target that is above 95% health. Backstab will attempt to guarantee a hit - the only way to miss a Backstab is if the enemy tumbles successfully. If the Backstab hits, it will deal up to 100% more damage from the skill and 70% more damage from Aim if you are using a Dagger. Other weapons will receive half of that damage bonus. This is a final modifier: if your final damage is 20, and you have 50 Aim, you can do up to 50 damage with a dagger strike (+100% + 50%). Finally, this damage is absolute, meaning it will bypass all armor, resistances, weaknesses, and caps. Backstabbing allows a user that managed to sneak and hide their way up to an enemy to start that encounter off at a large advantage. Many weaker monsters die instantly to backstabs. Backstab will not work on enemies that see you and attack you to break your sneak and hide, or on wounded enemies, because they're ready and wary.


Sold by Kerrenor