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Skills new to 103, this school teaches you proficiency with daggers among other combat modifying abilities.

Level Cost Name Based Stat NPC Chance
to Imp
1 500 Awareness Intellect Kerrenor 10
Light Feet Agility Celegorm 10
Stab Aim Kerrenor 20 30
2 1000
Dagger Wielding Aim Kerrenor 50
Perception Intellect Kerrenor 30
Swift Hands Aim Celegorm
3 2000
Sneak Agility Kerrenor
Throw Aim Kerrenor
Tumble Agility Kerrenor
Poison Blade Agility TBD
4 4000 Heavy Arms Agility Celegorm
Hide Agility Kerrenor
Throwing Precision Aim Kerrenor
5 8000 Backstab Aim Kerrenor
Tight Grip Might Celegorm
Track Intellect Celegorm
6 16000 Reckless Heart Might Celegorm
Spy Agility Celegorm