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Bestiary is a school of research and knowledge, which comes in many forms.

Bestiary books that teach spells and skills have a 5% chance to drop from any champion mob.

Bestiary books are not consumed upon use. You can use them then lend them.

Much of the monster dialogue when you Creature Speak monsters was written by a new contributor, SunnyCat.

Spellpower is very important for this school.

"It's possible for monsters to recover from charm attempts faster than you are applying charm if you aren't dealing enough damage, or if your spellpower is too low. Some of the charms work with Mana Focus. Check their description to find out more.

I'd also recommend upping your spellpower with boosting items such as robes, a mace, a Jonas/Cess/Duke insignia herald shield, or even mana convergence songs. It's not ridiculously hard to charm monsters, you just need to have spellpower that isn't rock bottom." - Gar

  • Duke Soldier Shields offer 15 to all spellpower.

Level 1:
Crawling Charm - charm insects
Creature Speak - talk to monsters
Mark of Aggression - caster's minions attack the marked battler
Study Mysticals - analyze a live monster to learn about its spells
Release Minion - releases a minion
Skitteratic - insect language

Level 2:
Verdant Charm - charms plant-type creatures
Study Physicals - gain info on resistances
Soothing Presence - spell that makes weak mobs ignore you
Towering Presence - spell that causes up to 500 pts additional aggro
Sylvan language - fey and tree language
Amphibic language frogmen and water monster language

Level 3:
Willpower - increase minion control limit
Creature Binding - prevents charm from wearing off for up to 90 minutes
Birdsong - avar language
Orcish - orc language
Primal Charm - charms animals
Waterbreathing - Allows underwater breathing.

Level 4:
Convoke - bring all minions to you (move animation stops, bug)
Gift of Vitality - caster sacrifices some of his/her health to heal minions
Gift of spirit - caster sacrifices some of his/her mana to give mana to minions
Mark of Defense - caster's minions cast ally spells on caster
Primal Language - animal language
Trollimaic - troll language

Level 5:
Animated Charm - (requires neg Karma) charms undead
Inspiring Charm - (requires good Karma) charms living humanoids
Soul Domination - dramatically increase minion control limit
Mark of Magic - caster's minions cast spells at the marked battler, if they can

Level 6:
Prismatic Charm - charms elementals
Draconic - dragon language