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Block is a basic skill, allowing people in combat to block blows with a shield. A successfully blocked blow will be more damaging to the attacking weapon and to the defending shield.

  • Every 1% in block adds 1 to defense rating while a shield (or similar object) is equipped.


Obnauticus note: The durability effects of block are much less relevant now that shards allow for indestructible equipment to be crafted relatively easily. Block adds the defense rating equivalent of roughly 12 points of agility (100 defense rating) at maximum proficiency, making it a very useful level 1 skill when compared to the equally powerful level 2 dodge and level 3 parry skills.

WARNING: In order to improve block, one must perform a successful block at some point during the fight. If the monster dies without you first blocking once, not twice, or three times, four times is right out, how many times do I have to keep going, you should have gotten the point by now, it's not that complicated, please tell me you are thinking about stopping reading this by the time to you get to this last word, no?, okay, bye now.


Purchased From Jonas D'Accor (500 shillings) in Jasper