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This allows the combatant to fight better unarmed.


Obnautics note: Brawling and its sister skill, Punch, are a great way to put out bludgeon damage when a hammer or mace is not readily at hand. Aside from suffering from short range and an unholy rate of stamina consumption, the actual damage output of fisticuffs is not to be underestimated.

There is also the added satisfaction of hearing that "baseball-bat against a hanging side of beef" over-the-top, clearly not accurately representative of what it would actually sound like, splatterburst of sound effects... to go with every single swing of your barbaric, yet stylishly leather glove adorned for some reason also always green long sleeved, fists of fury into the cratered tooth spitting faces of your pathetic unworthy foes. Your mileage may vary.

BUT! REMEMBER! Right hand only. It is incredibly bad etiquette to punch with one's left hand, just as it is also bad apricots to hold a shield in one's right. Just go with it.


Purchased From Rook