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By shifting his or her feet and striking from a longer angle, a master soldier can employ a heavy bladed melee weapon against multiple enemies rather than just one. Such attacks may do less than full damage, but will still be deadly. Cleaving can be done with fencing weapons, axes, and scimitars, but the maneuver will result in a slashing attack type regardless of weapon employed. A cleaving attack will attempt to strike all enemies within range. Axes are the most effective weapon for cleaving.

  • Cleaving expends an enormous amount of stamina, akin to twice the stamina consumption required for fighting unarmed.


Intone the proper mantra to assume this stance: say 'Fau Srauv'.

To relax to a normal stance, say 'Om.'

It will cost you 90 training points to improve in this skill.

Purchased From Cylill