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The honorable traditions of knightly combat have, for centuries, included the art of dueling. Controlling the flow of a duel is the key to success, so veteran knights learn to forego attacking in favor of waiting for an opportunity to turn the tide. While in this stance, a warrior will attempt to parry melee attacks coming from the front, but cannot himself attack. Successful parries open up the opponent to a counterattack which knocks back and stuns them. The counterattack motions then drop the stance so that the knight may press his advantage.

Focusing all one's attention on the front comes with a risk: attacks from behind are extremely difficult to avoid.

Lastly, wielding a sword of any type is required to actively parry.

Intone the proper mantra to assume this stance: say 'En garde!'.


Reactive stance that knockbacks and stuns an enemy that attacks you from the front. Stance drops after successfully counterattacking, allowing you to press the advantage.


Sold by Cylill