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Special items awarded to adventurers recognized in the Hall of Heroes that grant bonuses.

  • Crest of the Adventurer (Greatest Adventurer): Does nothing on its own, but can be enchanted with shard mods to customize it. (Other crests can't be enchanted)
  • Crest of the Wizard (Greatest Wizard): +20 spellpower, all schools.
  • Crest of the Warrior (Greatest Warrior): +5 melee damage, all weapons.
  • Crest of the Healer (Shal'ille): While equipped, grants a level 6 shal 'group heal' spell.
  • Crest of the Necromancer (Qor): Animated minion limit is doubled. Currently goes from 4 to 8.
  • Crest of the Elementalist (Faren): While equipped, grants level 6 area spells Firestorm and Ice Nova.
  • Crest of the Soldier (Weaponcraft): +200 offense, double health regeneration.
  • Crest of the Bandit (Banditry): +200 defense, double tumbling.
  • Crest of the Knight (Knightcraft): 15% resistance to every individual physical damage type, and stun and knockback resistance.
  • Crest of the Witch (Witchery): +1 max hex.
  • Crest of the Sorcerer (Sorcery): Your elemental damage pierces enemy elemental resists. (Acid, fire, shock, cold, holy, unholy -25).
  • Crest of the Bard (Jala): Your songs can't be discorded.
  • Crest of the Trickster (Riija): Your illusionary damage never 'heals back' on victims.
  • Crest of the Juggernaut (Kraanan): Your buffs can't be purged.