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A combat veteran of the wars with Ukgoth, he has mastered every skill of combat. Dressed in light armor and military formal regalia, he lounges at his hut as a general during disgusting peacetime. Cylill has had a long past serving with the Duke's forces in protecting the world from Trolls and has many war stories to tell.

If you are a student with room to grow, he may help you improve your agility if you ask him to 'train' you.


Source of the River Ille



Spell Price Level
Honesty 500 shillings One
Medium Armor 500 shillings One
Shield Wall 500 shillings One
Battle Shout 1000 shillings Two
Bravery 1000 shillings Two
Rapid Assault 1000 shillings Two
Forceful Impact 2000 shillings Three
Fortitude 2000 shillings Three
Heavy Armor 2000 shillings Three
Counterattack 4000 shillings Four
Determination 4000 shillings Four
Shield Bash 4000 shillings Four
Piety 8000 shillings Five
Valiant Charge 8000 shillings Five
Zealous Fervor 16000 shillings Six


Spell Price Level
Cleave 8000 shillings Five
Disarm 16000 shillings Six