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Dodge is a basic skill, allowing people to avoid blows in combat.


Obnauticus note: Dodge adds the defense rating equivalent of roughly 12 points of agility (100 defense rating) at maximum proficiency, making it yet another useful defense fortifying passive skill for weaponcraft. Even better, dodge does not require you to be equipped with a shield like block, or a mainhand weapon for parrying.

WARNING: REMEMBER! If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball... but if you have 1 agi you'll dodge nothing at all. This can be a tough skill for low agility players to get started, as the chance to block scales with a player's defense rating (agility adds +8 per point). So, don't be surprised if it takes your bumbling buffoonery goofy-ass character a while to get the hang of deftly evading the ravaging mandibles of a giant spider or the stone cold steve austin edge of a troll's sharpened axe. What? Yes they do. THEY DO TOO HAVE AXES I HAVE SEEN THEM.


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