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Raid zones located in the desert. The only place one can obtain Major Heartstones.

  • Draconians are immune to the Prism of Acid's acid rain (but not the severe damage when you fall off).
  • Half-Undines are to the Prism of Ice's water drain.
  • Half-Demons are immune to the Prism of Fire's lung-scorching heat (but not the stepping in lava damage).
  • Half-Elves are immune to the Prism of Life's overhealing danger.
  • Half-Orcs are immune to the Prism of Death's grasping darkness threat.

Phasing will expel you from the Prism.

You must have damaged the boss within 5 minutes of its death to get credit.

The Prism of Acid removes the damaging effects of acidic rain.

The Prism of Ice removes the damaging effects of cold, allowing non-undines to wear armor at night

The Prism of Fire removes the damaging effects of the blistering sun, allowing all non-demons to wear armor during the day.

The Prism of Lightning bonus is gained by interacting with the Essence of Lightning. The prism itself contains a normal xeo and a moving platform.

The Prism of Death decreases penalties for dying.

The Prism of Life allows players to resurrect for free by traveling through to the end of the prism.

Additionally, defeating all prisms allows access to the High Sorcerers.

As the alignment comes to fruition and power roars through your every nerve, you realize that the balance the nomads of Biskalane have hoped for has not been achieved in the land itself - rather, it has been achieved in you. The six elements flow through you with the even measures of mastery, offering decisive power. It is time to end the High Sorcerers and finally heal the Diffraction they have caused in their foolish quest for immortality.