Fehr'loi Quan

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Though well known throughout the land for his superb skill as a master weapon smith, Fehr'loi Qan himself could not be considered the sharpest sword on the rack. The large man's slow speech seems out of place in the highbrow city of Barloque. You get the impression that he is uncomfortable with strangers, but his great size and clear devotion to Kraanan makes him afraid of no one.


The Royal Blacksmith of Barloque


Item Price
Small Round Shield 288 shillings
Hammer 810 shillings
Axe 1080 shillings
Chain Armor 1800 shillings


Spell Price Level
Magic Shield 2000 shillings Level Three


Item Price
Axe 284 shillings
Chain Armor 510 shillings
Gold Round Shield 228 shillings
Hammer 194 shillings
Leather Armor 211 shillings
Mace 18 shillings
Nerudite Armor 1602 shillings
Nerudite Sword 600 shillings
Scale Armor 693 shillings
Short Sword 73 shillings