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This skill offers added expertise in swords with long blades, magical or not. Fencing encompasses the use of Long Swords, Mystic Swords, Nerudite swords, and the mysterious Sword of the Hunt.

  • Fencing weapons are the standard against which all other weapons are compared.
  • Fencing weapons use Aim as their primary damage stat instead of Might (although Might still helps)
  • Fencing weapons do stabbing damage by default, but many also do other types of damage such as Mystic Swords and Nerudite Swords.
  • Each 1% of fencing increases attack rating with fencing weapons by 1.


Fencing weapons are some best available in Meridian, granting easy access to two types of damage that are very useful in certain situations (Nerudite and Kraanan Enchant damage). Mystic Swords are basically a Long Sword with a permanent (and powerful) Kraanan enchantment, and are one of the most powerful base weapons available due to their inherent bonuses to attack rating.

Nerudite Swords are one of the best weapons to use for killing trolls as well as the avian soldiers of ko'catan island.


Purchased From Rook