Focused Mind

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A master stance that aids regeneration of health at the cost of spiritual rejuvenation.

Intone the proper mantra to assume this stance: say 'Havyrik Pemk'.

To relax to a normal stance, say 'Om.'


Obnauticus note: This skill increases health regen, but seems to still depend heavily upon the Stamina stat to function. In other words, if you're at maximum stamina, this skill appears to increase health regen from the standard 1hp/sec by about 50% and is very noticeable. However at around 100 stamina health regen still drops off incredibly harshly, making this skill become hardly noticeable. Therefore, it's probably best for characters with a high stamina stat as they require less active stamina to regenerate quickly.


Increases HP regen while decreasing mana regen.