Inert Form

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Inert Form, level 5 Sorcery.


Resists between 10% and 40% of hostile status effects based on this equation: 10 + (Ability+1)/5 + Stamina/10. Therefore the ability itself reaches 30% resistance at 99%; Stamina adds 1% more resistance per 10 points.

This resistance acts at application, and will therefore reduce all negative effects as they happen. Burn reapplies itself, so Inert Form is very effective against burn damage. For example, 100 burn damage becomes 65 burn damage instead. When that 65 goes to damage you and reapply itself, it'll again get reduced 35%.

Inert Form just about counteracts the added status effects from an enemy Sorcerer using Level 6 Empowerment. In that instance, you will take around a normal amount instead of an increased amount of status effect.


Found in Ancient Tombs, learned from tattoo scrolls.