Jonas D'Accor

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Time and anger have weathered Jonas D'Accor into a hard man. He stands steadfastly in place, contemplating the future of the lands. The actions of the other lieges have forced him to make an attempt for the crown. He believes that the other lieges are not strong enough to rule, even if they have a rightful claim to the throne. He organizes his rebels and hopes to gain support in his quest to take the crown and bring peace and order back to the lands.

Leader of the Rebel Faction

Members of the Rebellion gain a bonus to their offense and weapon attack damage as well as increased improvment speed with Weaponcraft, Knightcraft, and Banditry, and enjoy a greater health regeneration rate.


Pietro's Wicked Brews



Skill Price Level
Block 500 shillings One
Focused Mind 16000 shillings Six


Spell Price Level
Glow 500 shillings One
Haste 1000 shillings Two
Resist Poison 1000 shillings Two
Free Action 2000 shillings Three
Shroud 2000 shillings Three
Dispel Illusion 4000 shillings Four
Shatterlock 16000 shillings Six


Spell Price Level
Identify 2000 shillings Three
Reveal 8000 shillings Five