Light Feet

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A basic stance for beginners that poses the body in a way that eases the exertion of movement and dampens the noise of one's footfalls. In this stance, you may maintain sneak under almost all circumstances. You may also maintain hide while running or resting.

Intone the proper mantra to assume this stance: say 'Sebud Hiid'.

To relax to a normal stance, say 'Om.'


A basic beginner stance that cuts the vigor cost of running according to the equation: ((Ability+1)/2) + (Agility/2)

Therefore, 99% in the skill reduces running vigor cost by 50%, and Agility can reduce that by up to 50% more to completely eliminate the vigor cost of running. Of course, Agility usually tops out around 60 or 65, so realistically one can reach 80% reduction in the vigor cost of running.

The Kraanan level 2 spell Haste can reduce the running cost of vigor by 99%, a reduction which is multiplicative with this stance.

Duke Akardius offers a faction bonus which can reduce all vigor exertion by up to 30%, a reduction which is multiplicative with this stance.


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