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This is the game interface. You will notice that it's broken down into four basic sections, those being the graphics area, map, inventory/statistics, and text message areas.

The graphics area gives you a visual representation of where you are in world, other players around you, NPC (non player characters), monsters, and just about anything you can imagine.

The map area is populated as you make your way across the Meridian. Once you have visited an area, the map will remain in place for your next visit. Watch carefully! Red dots in the map area could mean there is a ferocious monster just around the corner!

The inventory/statistics area gives you an idea of what inventory you have on hand, how strong your character is, what spells are known, and what statistics (Intelligence, Might, etc.) you chose during character creation.

And finally, the text window is where you interact with other players, NPC's, and monitor the progress of combat with creatures (and other characters!),