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All players and monsters have now gained an inherent mass attribute.

Half-Undines are base mass 100.

Half-Demons are base mass 150.

Half-Elf are base mass 175.

Drow are bass mass 175.

Humans are base mass 200.

Half-Orcs are base mass 250.

Draconians are base mass 300.


Mass plays into the 'power' of knockbacks, stuns, and bleeds. If the attacker is equal mass to the defender, the applied effect will be fairly standard. (5 units, aka bof range + 1) The effect gets stronger if the attacker has higher mass, and weaker if the attacker has lower mass. For example, an Undine (100 mass) is going to have a very hard time knocking back a Xeo (600 mass). But a Draconian (300 mass) will do a bit better against that xeo. You don't really need to see these values or know what they are, just play with it and you'll get the sense that the larger the monster, the heavier they are. And for players: demons, elves, and undines are 'lighter' and half orcs and draconians are 'heavier'. Stay out of range of Draconian pure fighters, for example. Don't let them hit you. They will mess you up. On the extreme end, something with 4000 mass, like an Ice Dragon, is going to slam you across the entire arena with a knockback.