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Most players build their characters to a certain point and then stop. Whether this is due to guild wars, faction soldier games, player killer hunting, player killing, or just boredom, I don't really know for sure. There are a select few who actually build each skill and/or spell to 99% and get maximum hit points available. What exactly does it take to do this? Two things actually, money and patience. Along with dedication and goal setting, these players can and do max their characters ... though it's rare in recent times.


Your stats will play a huge role in determining your ability to max your characters. If you want to be able to max your spells then you will need a high intellect and/or mysticism depending on which schools you learn. Weaponcraft is handled a little differently. Because Weaponcraft takes no reagents, it's easier to get the skills to 99% over time. Low weaponcraft stats mean lower performance however. I would recommend that if you want to get spells to 99%, put a high score in each stat you will use ... probably no lower than 40.

Hit Points

How many characters do you know that have 150+ hit points? Not many I'm sure. Why is that? I can tell you from experience that it's because hit points come hard after 130 (this is also usually where most players stop building hps). Is it possible to do? absolutely! again, it takes time just like anything else, but getting to 150+ hps is doable. The best way to get passed the 130 mark is to fight Shamans and Chieftans on the island. Now that the Ghost spawns frequently in the Throne Room, you might have some luck getting tougher there. Getting from 135-140 to 145-150 is tough but if you fight Kriipa's, Mollusks, and/or Shadowbeasts you will find, in time, your hit points will go up quicker than expected.


I'm sure most players would like to see their characters all have max hit points and 99% in all skills and spells, but I don't consider that maxed. Technically, maxed means you can't learn anymore. I think a maxed character just means that players would be too frightened to engage in pvp ... what would be the point in that? I build most of my characters to fight, not to gloat about how many 99%s I have ... but to each their own.

Guide by Arkblade, player on 101