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The touch of Riija shifts you into another beast! Requires web moss and dragonfly eyes to cast. NOTE: While you are in the form of a monster, Shal'ille's protection will not apply to you. You can be attacked by others freely, even in towns, but you will take the appropriate penalties for attacking other innocents.

Ko'catan Names

To morph into a creature, cast the Morph spell and say the Ko'catan name for the monster during the trance.

  avarya 		avar shaman
  koavar 		avar chieftan
  yokinich 		ant
  imixkinich 		baby spider
  na'arkinich           black spider
  cha'oleoc		batterd skeleton
  nahyijoa              cow
  utom                  cave orc
  puuckinich 		centipede
  teotnapyijoa          dusk Rat 
  ozangelis             dark angel 
  kochaleoc 		daemon skeleton
  teotezmecya 		diseased tree
  huzotz		dragonfly
  kohuzotz		dragonfly queen
  teotimixlal           fey dirhai
  kinimixlal		fey elhai
  yozotz		Frog man
  puucmecmoch		fungus beast
  slithic		groundworm
  imixslithic		groundworm larva
  koslithic		groundworm queen
  tanahyijoa		gaurd cow
  teotkauilkinich 	giant spider
  napyijoa 		giant rat
  far'nohl kotezleoc 	ghost
  atzmoch               ice creature
  tezmecya		living tree
  tez 			lupogg
  napleoc		mummy
  kawilkinich 		mutant ant
  kolisith              Mollusk
  tepna'arthyl          narthyl worm
  utomca		orc
  koutom 		orc pit boss
  utomya 		orc wizard
  kokinich 		queen spider
  kosnapleoc		spectral mummy
  teotkauilkinich	spider
  ha'humoch		stone troll
  teotkriipa 		shadowbeast
  teotnapleoc 		shadow mummy
  kinkauikinich 	scorpion
  chaleoc 		skeleton
  kinachot 		slime
  shonapyijoa 		snow rat
  ha'chaleoc		tusked skeleton
  humoch 		troll
  teotixleoc 		thrasher
  ro'xeo'chicatl	xeo fire
  ma'xeo'chicatl	xeo water
  te'xeo'chicatl	xeo earth
  ve'xeo'chicatl	xeo air
  Xeo'chicatl		Xeochicatl
  tezatzmoch		yeti
  ixleoc 		zombie


Purchased From Monk of Riija
Concentration yes