Orc Pit Boss

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In order to gain the ominous title and station of Pit Boss, this orc had to battle and slay over one hundred other of its kind. In the caves, there is no more formidable warrior, determined leader or grisly adversary than the horrendous Pit Bosses.

Level 115. Dual-wields scimitars. When you initially kill it, you then need to attack its body to claim its head for the Riija Sword Quest.

Weapon 0
Magic Weapons -25
Nerudite 0
Bludgeon 0
Pierce 40
Slash 20
Thrust 0
Magic 40
Acid 0
Cold 0
Fire 0
Shock 0
Quake 0
Holy -50
Unholy 40


Orc Tooth
Nerudite Armor
Chunk of ore
Uncut Seraphym
Orc Shield
Plate Armor
Wand of Immobilization
Wand of Blinding
Scroll of Heat