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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Delerium Keen
1090 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
1085 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
1084 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
1081 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
1080 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
1079 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
1069 Cell 2 Works Cell 4
955 Cell 2 Works Cell 4

Additional Comments

After Update

Run the command "send o 0 recreateall" to rebuild everything.
The old "war letter" quest item won't display correctly after updating. Delete them using "send c warletter delete".
Run "send c lightdisciplerobe setschool brefresh i 1" to update resources for light disciple robes.
German server operators need to set the server's default language to German using the command "set config integer [Resource] Language 1".

Update 25 ( Pull Request List

1090 - Fix m59bind.exe not being copied by VS build.
1085 - The old way to determine weapon range was not very good
1084 - Added lore books containing stories of world history and NPC tales.
1081 - Small rooms cleanup
1080 - Fix reflections/ETs not using bow from correct range.
1079 - Use BSP in blakserv
1069 - Position windows correctly on multi-monitor setups.
955 - Add multi-language support for resources to compiler, server and client. Add proper C-style for and do-while loops, switch-case and elseif statements to kod. Add pre/post increment-decrement operators.

Update 25 ( Patch Notes

General Changes

- Child windows (e.g. who dialog box, newsglobes, object descriptions) will now display on the same monitor as the parent Meridian 59 client instead of always displaying on the primary monitor.
- Added a new lore book item as a drop from any monster (0.2% drop chance). The lore books will contain multi-part stories about the game and its (NPC) inhabitants. One story has been added this update.
- Line of Sight code on the server has been completely rewritten. All LoS issues should now be fixed, and the server will disallow attacks and targeted spell casts where the player does not have LoS to the target.
- Several rooms have had graphical issues visible in 3rd person Ogre view fixed.
- Disciple robes now give 5 spellpower instead of 4 as the first level spellpower bonus to the same school (removing the unwanted scenario where an off-school robe was better for level 1).
- Significant improvements to server performance.

Multi-Language Support

- The client has a new toolbar menu, Language, which allows users to switch between English and German for displaying in-game text. More languages can be added in the future if translations are made. Not all text has been translated into German (especially recent additions such as quest dialog).
- The quest NPC text responses and server newsglobe posting (i.e. Frular's guild war book, Caramo's Justicar book) currently display only in the language chosen by the server admin (English on 103, German on 112).
- Where translations are available, text commands (e.g. asking NPCs for reagents such as orc teeth or entroot berries) will work in both English and German.
- Switching in-game text language does not apply to strings handled by the client, such as menu names (this is controlled by the user's OS language).

Bug Fixes

- Reflections and Evil Twins now attack at the correct distance with ranged weapons.
- Newsglobe reply posting will no longer append multiple reply strings (i.e. Re: Aw:) to the posts.
- Inventory no longer loses the scroll bar and part of the background when changing rooms or various other scenarios. However the scroll bar may still not always draw correctly.