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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Test Results - Delerium Test Results - Gar Test Results - Morbus
642 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5

Additional Comments

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Need to run send c potion SetPotionFlags to remove APPLY_YES from existing bugged potions. This went in last update but won't be activated until the system is recreated.

Update 12 Hotfix 4 ( Pull Request List

642 - Improved squelching abilities. Add Moderators with separate who list color.

Update 12 Hotfix 4 ( Patch Notes

Bug fixes & Misc
- Added Moderators into the game. Moderators show up dark blue in the who list, and only have the power to squelch (remove communication) players and other DMs/Admins.
- Revamped the current 'Guide' powers. Guides will no longer be able to create items, teleport to and get players (but can teleport to rooms), won't be able to obtain all spells/skills or boost their stats. Guides are given a set number of spells to help them with minor player issues and for running events.
- Revamped the Squelch ability, so Moderators and Guides can remove individual types of communication from players or other DMs/Admins (says, tells, broadcasts and posts). Admins and DMs cannot squelch or unsquelch themselves.
- Enabled logging of all Moderator and Guide interference to the God Log (i.e. any attempt to attack players or monsters, pick up a token, carry out quests or buy spells and skills).