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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Delerium Morbus Keen
766 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
763 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
761 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
759 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
757 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
756 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
754 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
753 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
752 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
751 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
750 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
748 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
747 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
742 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
740 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
739 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
738 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
735 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
732 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
730 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Works
550 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5

Additional Comments

Place any notes regarding the update here if there is insufficient room in the table.

Update 16 ( Pull Request List

766 - Increase target outline from 1 pixel to 3 pixels.
763 - Added utility to start/end qormas (Places and removes objects)
761 - Raise avar shaman HP to 120, swap Sandstorm for Heat, raise piMax_mana to 30.
759 - Updated duskrat to 90hp and changed to it's own bgf
757 - Added object kod and bgf for qormas tree
756 - added snowman object kod and bgf
754 - Speedhack protect tune
753 - Fix/optimize ms ticks (C_GetTickCount)
752 - New CCODE function to query a users ip address from kod.
751 - Fix monster spawn points in Sentinel.
750 - Change rainbow fern ChangeColor timers to System NewHour call.
748 - Item Description Formatting
747 - Added new weapon effect Mana Siphon.
742 - Spidereyes
740 - Spellpower Gems
739 - Added icons indicating whether players can fight in the current room.
738 - Limited mail message size to prevent potential problems in client.
735 - Break rescue attempt on room change.
732 - Add improved monster vision and radius aggro. Prevent minions attacking NPC faction troops unless they attack the master.
730 - Audio system fixes, Volume Controls and sound types selection.
550 - New spell, Ice Nova, and related radius projectile code.

Update 16 ( Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes
- Increase targeting outline size from 1 pixel to 3 pixels.
- Raise dusk rat HP limit to 90, increase size.
- Raise avar shaman HP limit to 120, swap Sandstorm for Heat and increase their maximum mana.
- Player movement code changed to attempt to alleviate rubberbanding.
- Monsters no longer spawn inside walls in Under the shadow of the Sentinel.
- New weapon attribute - Mana Siphon. High level attribute (i.e. same drop rate as hold or blind weapons) which drains mana from the target and gives it to the wielder.
- Black spiders now drop spider eyes.
- New room enchantment icons which display the properties of the room, specifically whether the player can fight there or not, or if the room is safe.
- Rescue attempts now break if the caster changes rooms (applies to potions also).
- Monsters now have a 'vision radius' past which they can't see. If you are outside that radius, the monster is very unlikely to attack you unless you attack first, or the monster is called into battle via another mechanism (ally or master).
- Most monsters will break off combat if their target gets too far outside their vision radius and hasn't attacked them in the past 10 seconds. Some monsters will hunt relentlessly (notably revenants, evil twins, daemon skeletons, kriipa, cave orcs).
- Monsters are now less likely to gang up on a single player. There are however some cases where monsters might hate the player enough for this to occur and others where the specific monster AI allows it.
- Fungus beast difficulty raised slightly.
- Orc wizards now more likely to cast Killing Fields.

Bug Fixes and Misc.
- A few new items/decorations have been added to the game - more details to come in the following weeks.
- Item descriptions have been cleaned up a little - now the durability of an item will appear at the end of the description.
- Mail size now limited to 4096 characters for all clients.
- Minions should no longer attack NPC faction soldiers unless the master is targeting them, or the soldier attacks the master.
- Volume control sliders in preferences now work correctly.
- Issues with the Sound selection preferences have also been fixed.
- Rainbow fern color change no longer controlled by timer.
- Code for 'radius projectiles' added, but no spells currently available to monsters or players.
- Minion ally logic fixed, should now display more allying behavior.
- Slow down mollusk rock throwing attack.