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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Delerium Morbus Keen
882 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
881 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
879 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
877 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
876 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5

Additional Comments

Update 18 Hotfix 3 ( Pull Request List

882 - Stop finished BGFs from having to be unecessarily rebuilt
881 - Don't take utility spells in StripSpellsOfSchool.
879 - Remove karma requirement from vamp weapon attribute.
877 - Allow new XLATs to translate clothes correctly.
876 - Allow punctuation, disallow numbers and function keys in Keybind.

Update 18 Hotfix 3 ( Patch Notes

- Remove extra level from players that was possible due to a bug (buying level 1 Riija after all levels complete). The bug allowing this to be done was fixed a while ago, but the extra level needs to be removed to make characters compatible with the future Stat Reset system, and to be fair to newer characters.
- The Vamp Touch weapon attribute no longer requires -50 karma to use, bringing it in line with other weapon attributes.
- Several fixes to the key configuration utility (keybind) to prevent assigning numbers or function keys, allow assigning of punctuation and allow the Restore Defaults button to work correctly.