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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Delerium Morbus Keen
904 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
903 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
900 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
898 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
897 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
895 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
894 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
893 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
890 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
888 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
886 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
880 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 works
878 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
874 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 works
865 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 works
758 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
358 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 works

Additional Comments

Need to run the commands send o 0 recreateall and send o 0 recreateallspells with no players online after the update.

Update 19 ( Pull Request List

904 - Handle monster ET kills correctly; give attackers a success message when illusioned as a monster and performing a hit side effect such as poison.
903 - Add timers in descriptions for Second Wind, Cryst Mana and Phase.
900 - Co-op Survival Arena
898 - Lower vigor drain from narthyl worms.
897 - Add stat reset tokens to loot table.
895 - Add messages to start/end rain effect. Add KOD code for a sandstorm weather effect, separate from the spell (just particle effect, no aim/damage side effects).
894 - Bump frogmen to 85 HP
893 - Statsreset v2
890 - Fix spawn point in wall in Badlands 2.
888 - Add height checks to distance calculations involving attack range.
886 - Add stat bar for bulk
880 - Add apple tree art, dispenser code for Apple.
878 - Add resources for new herald shield colors., allow new colored heralds to spawn randomly (but not available in guild shield menu).
874 - Training bonus no longer resets during absence.
865 - Upgrade Bison and Flex
758 - New Mobs Part 1
358 - Players (Under 100hp) who are killed by other players are safe from PvP for default 3 hours.

Update 19 ( Patch Notes

Game Changes
- Players under 50 HP can now cast Reflection. Their reflections will have no effect on other players.
- Players can opt-out of group building via an option in the Preferences menu, or using the text commands "grouping on" and "grouping off". Opting out will allow the player to always obtain the solo builder bonus, but no group EXP bonuses.
- Training points are now awarded every day regardless of previous log-in time.
- Herald shields obtained from the Underbasement of Castle Victoria crate can now spawn with new color combinations involving black, dark green and grey. There are 13 new color combinations available. These new shield combinations are not available via the guild shield interface.
- Added a stat bar for "bulk". Player carrying capacity is governed by two factors: the weight of an item (previous stat bar) and the size/bulk of it (this bar).
- Attack range calculations now involve height. This will prevent monsters from attacking players over a large vertical distance (but also prevent players from doing the same to monsters).
- Frogmen can now take players to 85 HP (up from 75 HP), and the frogman graphics are now smaller.
- Narthyl worm vigor drain has been cut in half.
- Second Wind and Crystalize Mana will now show the time until the effect wears off if the player clicks on the icon in their enchantment bar.
- Clicking on the Phase icon will also tell the player how long they can remain phased before taking penalties, and clicking on the spell description will let them know how long they can phase for.

Survival Arena
- Survival arenas are an instanced challenge where players can fight waves of monsters to obtain prizes and for an alternative building experience.
- Three types of survival arena: solo, guild and public. These can be accessed from any safe location using the commands "start solo survival", "start guild survival" and "start public survival". For guild and public arenas, use "join guild survival" and "join public survival" to join a session that is about to start.
- Only one guild survival arena can be active at a time per guild, and one public survival arena per server.
- The survival arena will take place in a random screen and can spawn almost any monster type. Players progress by killing waves of ordinary monsters, and occasionally minibosses and bosses.
- There are no penalties for death in the survival arena, nor any penalties for killing other players (except losing the benefit of their help in the arena).
- Players have three 'lives' which are used up when killed; extra lives can occasionally be obtained - see the text given when a wave starts.
- Rewards are given at levels 10-75 (masks) and at level 100 (steel torc).
- Loot, training points, XP and shillings rewards increase as the rounds progress, as does the monsters' offensive and defensive stats.

Stat Reset
- Added a system for players to reset their stats. Stat resets are available from the elders in Raza, Marion and Jasper, and require offering an item (ancient trinket) to access the system. Currently this is free for characters under 50 HP, but this is likely to change.
- Ancient trinkets are a rare drop from any monster you can advance on (i.e. monster level less than your hit points). These trinkets are delicate and will decay and disappear after two meridian years (40 days). Trinkets handed out by admins cannot be traded or dropped, but those obtained from monsters can.
- Players can also remove school levels using the stat reset system (may be required if intellect is being reduced).
- WARNING: lowering a stat will also cause any spell or skill associated with that stat to be reduced by 2% for each stat point removed.
- Admins will not roll back any changes to characters done via the stat reset system: use at your own risk.

Temporary Angel
- Players can now opt-in to a "temporary angel system". If an innocent (white name) player is killed in PvP while under 100 HP and does not have a soldier shield, and takes a full death penalty (i.e. no PoL), they will be unattackable by other players for three hours. There is an option in the Preferences menu to opt in or out of this system.
- Players can also use the text commands "tempsafe on" and "tempsafe off" to enable or disable this.
- Players under the effect of the temporary angel system will show on the map as a light-blue dot to differentiate them from attackable players.
- Players who currently have a temporary angel will not be able to pick up tokens, or enter guild halls, but will remain guilded and can obtain soldier shields if they wish.
- There is no way to remove the temporary angel once obtained except to wait out the allotted time; if you do not want the angel, opt-out of the system.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug causing the text commands for "safety on" and "safety off" to not work.
- Fixed a spawn point in Badlands 2 that was causing groundworm queens to spawn inside a wall.
- Added success messages when an illusioned player performs a hit side-effect from a monster (e.g. dusk rat poison).

Future Content
- Added new monsters for use in the future: elephant, wolf, bunny, chupacabra and minotaur.
- Added apple trees from which players can pick apples.
- Code added to start and end rain and sandstorm weather effects.