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Patch testing -

Testing Results
Pull Request Test Results - Daenks Delerium Morbus Keen
913 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
912 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
907 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5
906 Cell 2 Works Cell 4 Cell 5

Additional Comments

Update 19 Hotfix 3 ( Pull Request List

913 - Allow monsters to have minions. Convert Seduce and Animate for use by monsters.
912 - Restore mob attack ranges to previous values. Add misc. sanity checks and modify Earthquake cast by rooms to use high-precision damage.
907 - Spectator mode, "leave survival" say command
906 - More of a Lorey Description for stat token

Update 19 Hotfix 3 ( Patch Notes

- Add "leave survival" command for survival arenas, so player can leave without logging out.
- Allow players to join an ongoing survival arena in spectator mode (no interaction, but can watch).
- Add new description for ancient trinket.
- Monster attack ranges for difficult mobs restored to pre-update values.
- Fixed a bug causing Earthquakes caused by rooms to not do any damage.
- Added infrastructure for monsters to have minions.
- Killing a bramble wall or illusion no longer allows a player to join a builder group.