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By phasing partially out of existence, one may become temporarily immune to danger... but, adventurers be warned: staying out of phase too long will result in physical and mental damage, as well as potential loss of carried items. Time spent phased out is cumulative until you reach a safe place in which to recover.


  • Phase is a Utility Spell.
  • It doesnt need reags or mana for casting.
  • It can be cast every time even while Blind/Dazzled/Hold.
  • To end Phase you have to recast Phase.

Phase is an alternative way to log. Instead of closing your client to prevent a death you can cast Phase. You become a Log Shadow immediatly but stay online and can interact with the Server thru the chat. You can't move or cast Spells while Phased, you are like a normal Logged Person.

If the Ghost Timer runs out while you are Phased you get the normal pennalty for you Log Shadow (Flat Pen as white like normal: 1 item + 2% in skills + 2% in spells)

If you end Phase you become hold for 1,5 seconds, in this time you can't cast Phase too.


Mana None
Vigor None
Reagents None
Purchased From
Concentration No