Poison Blade

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The truly dishonorable will employ any advantage they can, including the use of natural fungi and berries that can inflict severe poisons. To apply poison, double-click the proper reagent and then click on a piercing or thrusting weapon.

Only practiced masters of poisoncraft can wield a blade so coated without endangering themselves.


Skilled rogues can apply certain reagents to their melee piercing and thrust weapons to add a chance to poison a target.
So far, known reagents (as of 5/29/18) are with 99% skill:

Elderberry - 15% chance, strength 1 for 30 seconds, 200 coatings.

Entroot Berry - 30% chance, strength 1 for 180 seconds, 170 coatings.

Gray Mushroom - 6% chance, strength 7 for 30 seconds, 50 coatings.

Green Mushroom - 10% chance, strength 3 for 180 seconds, 100 coatings.

Mushroom - 18% chance, strength 2 for 180 seconds, 300 coatings.

Purple Mushroom - 10% chance, 3 strength for 30 seconds, 120 coatings.

Poisonings will stack on mobs, just like they do on players.


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