Priestess Tenuv'vyal

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Hair unkempt and anger barely checked. Some say she is on the brink of madness, others say she is a terrible menace waiting to be released like a raging storm. She despises civilization and feels humans must return to the ways of the wilds.


She really, really hates Qor the Vile. Try saying that name around the Priestess.


The Badlands



Spell Price Level
Fog 500 shillings One
Light 500 shillings One
Mystic Touch 500 shillings One
Zap 500 shillings One
Icy Fingers 1000 shillings Two
Resist Cold 1000 shillings Two
Touch of Flame 1000 shillings Two
Withstand Fire 1000 shillings Two
Mana Focus 2000 shillings Three
Resist Shock 2000 shillings Three
Winds 2000 shillings Three
Brittle 4000 shillings Four
Fireball 4000 shillings Four
Flame Dash 4000 shillings Four
Earthquake 8000 shillings Five
Sand Storm 8000 shillings Five
Shatter 8000 shillings Five
Lightning Strike 16000 shillings Six