Ranged Weapon Base Damages

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Weapon Proficiency Damage bonus Damage Min Damage Max
Arrow 1 5
Battle Bow Archery +2
Bow Archery 0
Nerudite Arrow 2 (3 shatters) 6 (8 shatters)
Practice Bow Archery -3
Silver Arrow 2 (5vs undead) 6 (10vs undead)
Throwing Dagger Throwing Precision 1 4

Damage is dependent upon the ammo type being fired and the damage bonus of the bow doing the firing. Battle bows give 2 bonus base damage to all of these values while practice bows reduce damage by 3. Nerudite arrows have a 10% chance to shatter for additional damage. A bow attack then receives base damage from proficiency in Archery, reaching 5 added base damage at 99%. A typical nerudite arrow and 99% battle bow attack (without a shatter) will have 9-13 base damage.

Throwing dagger damage is based on skill and Aim and will always inflict a bleed effect when they hit (assuming the monster can bleed).