Reckless Heart

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A master level stance, Reckless Heart adds up to 33% (at 99% skill) more damage to both you and the enemy from all sources. Outgoing damage is increased by up to an additional 10% based on Might.

For example, if you usually strike Gar for 10 damage after Gort/armor/resists, you will instead do 13. If he usually strikes you for 10, he will instead do 13. Your risk and strength are both increased. This is post-cap!

If you would do 30, you can instead do 40. These damage increases also apply to spells: an explosive frost that does 30 will almost certainly do 40. There are clear advantages for combining magic use and Banditry, but remember, Reckless Heart works both ways... Based on Might. A Backstab while using Reckless Heart can be extremely lethal.


Sold by Celegorm