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Check out the books in the basement of the Hall of Genealogy in Cor Noth to learn more about reincarnating!

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The primary bonus of reincarnation is increased stat points. Demi-human races have extra stat points equal to 1 per reincarnation achieved. Full humans have extra stat points equal to 2 per reincarnation achieved. This bonus depends solely on reincarnation number. You don't keep or lose points based on any sort of order of race choices.

The secondary opportunity of reincarnation is the ability to become a different race. Currently, human souls can only reincarnate into other races that are at least partially human. Thus, the current choices are Human, Half-Orc, Half-Demon, Half-Elf, and Half-Undine.

Reincarnation uses an equation that sums your base max health and learned levels. Each point of health is worth 1 point, levels 1 and 2 are worth 4 points each, and levels 3 and above are worth 8 points each. (See the table at the bottom) So 160 HP is worth 160 reincarnation points and 6/6/6/6 is also worth 160 reincarnation points, allowing you to take a path of health or learning. Higher reincarnations will require both health and learning.

Each time you reincarnate, you start with a higher minimum health, increasing by 10 per reincarnation and maxing out at 100 with reincarnation 8. You also start with 2000 more training points, maxing out at 20,000 with reincarnation 10.

It should also be noted that training points cannot be gained through slaying creatures beyond the soft cap of 3000. However, upon reincarnating this limit does not apply to "bonus" training points. Thus, the reincarnation bonus is always added to your current total at the time of reincarnation, making it possible (though much more difficult) to "save" your training points all the way until your 10th reincarnation.

The table for reincarnation progress is as follows:

Reincarnation # Points required for next level. Starting HPs
(New Char) 0 71 20
1 92 30
2 113 40
3 134 50
4 155 60
5 176 70
6 197 80
7 218 90
8 239 100
9 260 "
10 Current max "

Point system for Each school level worth is as follows:

School Level # Points
1 4 points
2 4 points
3 8 points
4 8 points
5 8 points
6 8 points