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Name RID Room # Notes
North Barloque RID_BAR_NORTH 101
South Barloque RID_BAR_SOUTH 102
A Shadowy Corner RID_ASSHQ 110 Roq; Game- Assasin's Game
Joguer's Herbs and Roots RID_BAR_APOTH 104 Joguer
The Bhrama & Falcon RID_BAR_BAR/RID_BAR_TAVERN 103 Meidei; Game- Feudal Lords
Office of the Justicar RID_BAR_COURT 970 Caramo; Justicar Book
The Adventurer's Hall of Barloque RID_BAR_HALL 105
Brownstone Inn RID_BAR_INN 106 Pritchett; God Globe; Rentable Rooms
Old Jailhouse RID_BAR_JAIL 971
The Sparkling Stone Shop RID_BAR_MERCHANT 109 Herbutte
The Ports of Barloque RID_BAR_PORT 107
The Royal Blacksmith of Barloque RID_BAR_SMITHY 113 Fehr'loi Qan
Office of the Barloque Vaultman RID_BAR_VAULT 114 Obert Cair'bre; Vault
The Guildmaster's Hall RID_GM_HALL/RID_GMHALL 700 Frular

Name RID Room # Notes
Solomon's Edibles RID_COR_GROCER 151 Solomon
The Adventurer's Hall of Cor Noth RID_COR_HALL 152 News Globe; Bard Book
Cibilo Creek Inn RID_COR_INN 153 D'Franco; God Globe
The Spindle and the Spinster RID_COR_TAILOR 155 Hester Gilk
The Hall of Geneology RID_COR_UNIV 156 Hometown Books

Name RID Notes
East Jasper RID_JAS_EAST
Old Granary RID_JAS_AB1 Disconnected from Jasper
Icehouse RID_JAS_AB2
Old Schoolhouse RID_JAS_AB3 Book- Journal of Seargent Doran
Deserted Eating House RID_JAS_AB4 Disconnected from Jasper
Abandoned Building RID_JAS_AB5 Disconnected from Jasper
Abandoned Building RID_JAS_AB6 Disconnected from Jasper
Abandoned Building RID_JAS_AB7 Disconnected from Jasper
Abandoned Building RID_JAS_AB8 Disconnected from Jasper
Abandoned Building RID_JAS_AB9 Disconnected from Jasper
Disused Shop RID_JAS_AB10 Disconnected from Jasper
Abandoned Counting Room RID_JAS_AB11 Disconnected from Jasper
Old Barracks RID_JAS_AB12 Disconnected from Jasper
Dusty Chamber RID_JAS_AB13 Disconnected from Jasper
Warm Haven RID_JAS_AB14 Disconnected from Jasper
The Royal Bank of Jasper RID_JAS_BANK Yevitan; Bank
Pietro's Wicked Brews RID_JAS_BAR/RID_JAS_TAVERN Pietro; Jonas D'Accor; Bard Book
The Home of the Wise Man RID_JAS_ELDER_HUT Afiera D'xor
The Adventurer's Hall of Jasper RID_JAS_HALL News Globe
Yonder Inn of Jasper RID_JAS_INN Widow Qesino; God Globe
Quintor's Smithy RID_JAS_SMITHY Quintor
General Store of Jasper RID_JAS_STORE Zhieu B'hob

Name RID Notes
The Adventurer's Hall of Marion RID_MAR_HALL News Globe
Lady Aftyn's Sanctuary RID_MAR_HEALER_SHOP Lady Aftyn
The Limping Toad Inn and Tavern RID_MAR_INN Tova; Morrigan; God Globe; Rentable Rooms
Ye Olde Slasher Salesman RID_MAR_SMITHY Colhorr

Name RID Notes
Frisconar's Mysticals RID_TOS_APOTH Frisconar; Konima Book
The Arena of Kraanan RID_TOS_ARENA Watcher; Arena/Tournaments
The Arena of Kraanan (Foyer) RID_TOS_ARENA2
First Royal Bank of Tos RID_TOS_BANK Skivlat; Bank
Abandoned Building RID_TOS_GREY News Globe
Adventurer's Hall of Tos RID_TOS_HALL News Globe
Familiars RID_TOS_INN Paddock; God Globe
Freelance Merchant and Mender's Shop RID_TOS_SMITHY
Abandoned Building RID_TOS_TAN

Ko'catan (RID_KOCATAN)
Name RID Notes
The Aerie Guest House RID_KOC_INN Moxal ix'Hanak; God Globe
Two Lizards Magic Shop RID_KOC_APOTH Zala ix'Mecya
The Chimney House RID_KOC_SMITHY Ixla cha'Totlak
The Neglected Arsenal RID_KOC_STORE Pacal ix'Anoak
The Hungry Vaults RID_KOC_BANK Huital ko'Nosak; Itzal cha'Noxak; Bank; Vault
The Crooked Hem Garment Shop RID_KOC_TAILOR Tepal ix'Zonak; Can change base clothing
The Barking Monster RID_KOC_TAVERN Oxal ix'Tokak
Ko'catan, the Island Settlement RID_KOC_SOUTH
Ko'catan, the Island Settlement RID_KOC_NORTH
The East Tower RID_KOC_GUARDTOWER_EAST Cital ko'Manca; Xacal ko'Ixca
Hall of Forgotten Heroes RID_TOS_FORGET Cast Blink in Hall of Heroes; Informational Book
The Hall of Heroes West RID_KOC_HALL_OF_HEROES_A Kochtal ko'Tulca
The Hall of Heroes East RID_KOC_HALL_OF_HEROES_B Quetzal; Konima Book

Name RID Notes
The Inn of Hazar RID_GUEST1 Marcus
The Blacksmith of Hazar RID_GUEST3 Tomas
Ravi's Magicks of Hazar's Crossing RID_GUEST4 Ravi
The Home of Roderic D'Stane RID_GUEST5 Roderic D'Stane
Mausoleum RID_GUEST6
Eric's Stout Spirits RID_GUEST7 Eric d'Jorn
The Grand Museum of Hazar RID_GUEST8

Raza Inn RID_NEWB1 Marcus
Raza Blacksmith RID_NEWB3 Tomas
Ravi's Magicks of Raza RID_NEWB4 Ravi
Raza Hut RID_NEWB5 Roderic D'Stane
Mausoleum RID_NEWB6
Raza Pub RID_NEWB7 Eric d'Jorn
The Grand Museum of Raza RID_NEWB8

Bourgeois Castle (RID_CASTLE2B)
Name RID Notes
Banquet Hall of the Bourgeois Castle RID_BOURGEOIS/RID_CASTLE2A
The Assembly Chamber RID_CASTLE2C Princess Kateriina
Royal Library of the Bourgeois Castle RID_CASTLE2D Timeline Book
Chamber of the Mocker RID_MOCKERS_ROOM Lockable Door
The Councilor's Chamber RID_BAZMANS_ROOM Lockable Door
Madelia's Fine Peacockeries RID_CASTLE2E Madelia
Chamber of the Forgotten Heroes RID_FORGOTTEN_TOO Informational Book

Blackstone Keep (RID_DUKE2)
Name RID Notes
The Courtyard of Blackstone Keep RID_BLACKSTONE/RID_DUKE1
The Chambers of Duke Akardius RID_DUKE3 Duke Akardius
The Duke's Feast Hall RID_DUKE4 Locked, unlock with Bard; Food Platters
The Duke's Grand Ballroom RID_DUKE5 Rycksher; Can change Music (DM SONG##)

Name RID Notes
The Temple of Shal'ille RID_TEMPLE/RID_TEMPLE_SHALILLE Priestess Xiana
The Temple of Kraanan RID_TEMPLE_KRAANAN Priestess Qerti'nya
The Temple of Qor RID_TEMPLE_QOR Priestess Zuxana
The Temple of Riija RID_TEMPLE_RIIJA Monk of Riija; Spooky Little Girl

Guild Halls
Mercenary Alley RID_GUILDH1
The Hall of Explorers RID_GUILDH2
The Den of Shadows RID_GUILDH3
The Wryn's Keep RID_GUILDH4
Konima's Abandoned Dwelling RID_GUILDH5
The Ivory Chapel RID_GUILDH6
The Old Dwarven Hall RID_GUILDH7
The Sewer Hideout RID_GUILDH8
The Abandoned Warehouse RID_GUILDH9
Jaarba's Adobe RID_GUILDH10
The Home of the Friends of the Forest RID_GUILDH11
West Tower Guild Hall in Ko'catan RID_GUILDH12
The Hall of the Slaughtered Command RID_GUILDH13
The Bookmaker's Guild House RID_GUILDH14
Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr RID_GUILDH15 NOT IN USE

Non-town Zones
Name Rid Monsters
Seafarer's Peak RID_A5 RedAnt: 60%, Troll: 40%
The Hills RID_A6 RedAnt: 30%, Troll: 70%
Druid Hills RID_B6 Scorpion: 100%
The Badlands RID_BADLAND1 Groundworm: 100%
Kardde's Canyon RID_BADLAND2
The Sewers of Barloque RID_BAR_SEWER GiantRat: 94%, Lupogg: 6%
The Sewers of Barloque RID_BAR_SEWER2 Lupogg: 100%
The Sewers of Barloque RID_BAR_SEWER3 Lupogg: 100%
Deep Woods of Ileria RID_C4 SpiderBaby: 60%, Ent: 40%
West Merchant Way through Ilerian Woods RID_C5 SpiderBaby: 30%, GiantRat: 70%
Forest of Farol RID_C6 Spider: 70%, Ent: 30%
Faronath, home of the TreeFolk RID_C7/RID_FARONATH Spider: 5%, Ent: 95%
Martyr's Battleground RID_CANYON2 StoneTroll: 85%, GroundwormQueen: 15%
Castle Victoria RID_CASTLE1 Skeleton: 60%
Upstairs in Castle Victoria RID_CASTLE1B Zombie: 40%, Skeleton2: 60%
Outside Castle Victoria RID_CASTLE1C Drechx
A Deep, Dark, Spooky, Icky Cave RID_CAVE2 Orc: 50%, Spider: 50%
The Underground Lake RID_CAVE3 Jewel of Froz; Need Key to enter
Valley of Ileria RID_D4 FungusBeast: 65%, GroundwormLarva: 35%
West Merchant Way RID_D5 SpiderBaby: 50%, Centipede: 50%
Deep in the Forest of Farol RID_D6 MolluskMonster: 20%, Ent: 80%
Deep in the Forest of Farol RID_D7 Ent: 70%, Centipede: 30%
Underbasement of Castle Victoria RID_DUNGEON
The Great Ocean RID_E2 MolluskMonster: 100%
East Merchant Way through Ilerian Woods RID_E4 SpiderBaby: 65%, Centipede: 35%
The Forest Shrine RID_E5/SHRINE
Deep Forest of Farol RID_E6 Spider: 55%, Centipede: 30%, Ent: 15%
The Sweet Grass Prairies RID_E7 Centipede: 25%, GroundwormLarva: 75%
The sandy shores of the Great Ocean RID_F2 FungusBeast: 50%, Slime: 50%
Source of the River Ille RID_F3 FungusBeast: 70%, Ant: 30%
East Merchant Way RID_F4 Spider: 45%, Centipede: 55%
Off the beaten path RID_F6 GroundwormLarva: 70%, Centipede: 30%
Off the beaten path RID_F7 GiantRat: 60%, GroundwormLarva: 40%
Lake of Jala's Song RID_F8 SpiderBaby: 50%, Centipede: 50%
Main gate to Cor Noth RID_G4 SpiderBaby: 75%, Centipede: 25%
The King's Way RID_G5 SpiderBaby: 50%, GiantRat: 50%
The King's Way RID_G6 Frogman: 100%
The Cragged Mountains RID_G8 DeathSpider: 40%, Troll: 60%
An ancient place, its origin forgotten RID_G9 Orc: 80%, DeathSpider: 20% BONUS: Skeleton + Skeleton2
Outskirts of Barloque RID_H3 Slime: 30%, GiantRat: 70%
The Flatlands RID_H4 Spider: 45%, Ant: 55%
The border of the Badlands RID_H5 Troll: 30%, Groundworm: 70%
Main gate to the city of Tos RID_H6 GiantRat: 70%, Centipede: 30%
Western border of the Twisted Wood RID_H7 Spider: 60%, Centipede: 40%
Under the shadow of the Sentinel RID_H9 Orc: 40%, DeathSpider: 60%
Main gate of Barloque-- Royal City of Meridian RID_I3 Centipede: 40%, SpiderBaby: 60%
Outskirts of Tos RID_I6 Spider: 50%, Groundworm: 50%
The Twisted Wood RID_I7 Spider: 55%, Troll: 45%
The Cragged Mountains RID_I8 Troll: 60%, DeathSpider: 40%
Ukgoth, Holy Land of Trolls RID_I9 Troll: 100%
The Dreaded Caves of Ice RID_ICE_CAVE1 SnowRat: 55%, Troll: 45%
The Queen's Way RID_J3 SpiderBaby: 40%, GiantRat: 60%
The Sewers of Jasper RID_JAS_SEWER1 GiantRat: 95%, Lupogg: 5%
The Sewers of Jasper RID_JAS_SEWER2 Lupogg: 100%
The Sewers of Jasper RID_JAS_SEWER3 Lupogg: 100%
The Badlands (2) RID_K5 GroundwormQueen: 100%
A foul place to wander RID_KOC_SEWER1 DuskRat: 95%
Up Chuk Creek without a paddle RID_KOC_SEWER2 DuskRat: 100%
The Crypt in Marion RID_MAR_CRYPT1 Spectral Mummy: 100%
Resting Place of Marion's Ancestors RID_MAR_CRYPT2 Living Statue: %%, Skeleton: 80%, Skeleton2: 20%
The Spider Nest RID_NEST1 SpiderBaby: 20%, Spider: 80%
The Ancient Smuggler's Crossing RID_SEWER_KING Lupogg: 100%
The Antechamber of Victoria Castle RID_THRONE1 Skeleton3: 100%
The Throne Room of Victoria Castle RID_THRONE2 ghost of Far'Nohl
The Crypt RID_TOS_CRYPT Zombie: 80%, Skeleton: 20%
The Graveyard of Tos RID_TOS_GRAVEYARD Zombie: 85%, Skeleton: 15%

Name RID Monsters
North Quilicia Woods RID_A1 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
Elhadrim RID_B1 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
Lower Elhadrim RID_B2 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
Fey's Crossing RID_C1 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
The Vale of Sorrows RID_C2/RID_VALE Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
Quilicia Woods RID_C3 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
Dirhadrim RID_D1 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%
Lower Dirhadrim RID_D2 Fey Elhai: %%, Fey Dirhai: %%

Name RID Monsters
The Dungeon of Castle Brax RID_LICH_MAZE Skeleton4: 50%, Skeleton3: 50%
Ancient Building RID_NECROAREA3a NarthylWorm: 60%, Skeleton4: 40%
Ancient Building RID_NECROAREA3b Skeleton4: 50%, Skeleton3: 50%
Winding Caverns RID_NECROAREA1 DeathSpider: 45%, Skeleton: 55%
Ancient Graveyard of Brax RID_NECROAREA2 Skeleton4: 60%, NarthylWorm: 40%
Decaying City of Brax RID_NECROAREA3 NarthylWorm: 60%, Skeleton3: 40%
Within the Walls of Castle Brax RID_NECROAREA4 Skeleton4: 60%, Skeleton3: 40%
Ruins of Castle Brax RID_NECROAREA5 Skeleton4: 60%, NarthylWorm: 40%
Goad's Grinder RID_BRAX_ARENA The Goad

Island (Outside)
Name RID Monsters
A Humid Cavern RID_KA0 SHRINE
The Cliff Hive RID_KA1 Dragonfly: 90%, Dragonfly Queen: 10%
The Jungle Cliffs RID_KA2 Dragonfly: 100%
A Notch in the Jungle RID_KA3 Dragonfly: 100%
Into the Jungle RID_KA4 Avar: 10%, Dragonfly: 90%
Outside the Guard Tower RID_KA5 Avar: 95%, Dragonfly: 5%
The Cliffs RID_KB1 Dragonfly: 90%, Avar: 10%
Headquarters for the Avar Warriors RID_KB2 Avar: 60%, AvarShaman: 18%, AvarChieftain: 7%, Kriipa: 15%
Camp of the Avar Warriors RID_KB3 Avar: 50%, AvarShaman: 18%, AvarChieftain: 5%, Kriipa: 27%
Path to the Ruins RID_KB4 Kriipa: 100%
Into the Jungle RID_KB5 Dragonfly: 100%
The Chasm RID_KC1 Avar: 90%, AvarChieftain: 10%
Turf of the Warrior Avars RID_KC2 Avar: 50%, AvarShaman: 10%, Kriipa: 40%
Ruins of the Riija Temple RID_KC3 Avar: 60%, AvarShaman: 25%, AvarChieftain: 15%
Origin of the Kriipa RID_KC4 Avar: 70%, Dragonfly: 30%
Outside the Mad Scientists hut RID_KC5 Dragonfly Queen: 100%
Hut of the Mad Scientist RID_KC5A Bahal zax'Ot
Lair of the Bone Priestess RID_KD1 Avar: 90%, AvarChieftain: 10%
Territory of the Noble Avar RID_KD2 Avar: 80%, AvarShaman: 15%, AvarChieftain: 5%
Deep in the Jungle RID_KD3 Avar: 80%, AvarShaman: 18%, AvarChieftain: 2%
The Clearing of the Trading Post RID_KD4 Avar: 80%, AvarShaman: 10%, AvarChieftain: 10%
The Remote Trading Post of Wulfgang zax'Ak RID_JUNGLE_TRADING_POST Wulfgang
The Temple of Riija RID_KE1 Monk of Riija
Headquartes of the Noble Avar RID_KE2 Avar: 60%, AvarShaman: 25%, AvarChieftain: 15%
The Avar Village RID_KE4 Avar: 40, AvarCheiftain: 35, AvarShaman: 25

Orc Caves
Name RID Monsters
A Tranquil Place RID_ORC_CAVE1_EXT
A spring of vitality RID_ORC_CAVE5_EXT
Ugol's Warren Entrance RID_ORC_CAVE1 Orc: 60%, CaveOrc: 40%
An Enigmatic Chamber RID_ORC_CAVE2 Orc: 70%, OrcWizard: 30%
The Archaic Hollows RID_ORC_CAVE3 CaveOrc: 70%, Shadowbeast: 30%
Aqueducts of Merb RID_ORC_CAVE4 Shadowbeast: 100%
Obfal's Sepulchre RID_ORC_CAVE5 CaveOrc: 75%, OrcWizard: 25%
Konima's Ascension RID_ORC_CAVE6 CaveOrc: 70%, OrcWizard: 30%
Lair of the Orc Pit Boss RID_ORC_PIT CaveOrc: 100%
Grog's Antechamber RID_ORC_PIT_A CaveOrc: 60%, OrcWizard:40%
Brog's Antechamber RID_ORC_PIT_B CaveOrc: 70%, GroundwormQueen: 30%

Rooms not for Mortal Use
Name RID Monsters
The Fields RID_FIELD1
The Forests of Meridian RID_FOREST2 Ant: 60%, Spider: 40%
The Forests of Meridian RID_FOREST3 Ant: 40%, Spider: 60%
The Deep Dark Woods of Tos RID_FOREST4 Ant: 30%, Spider: 70%
The Berdonne Canyons RID_CANYON1 RedAnt: 50%, Orc: 50%
The Forests of Meridian RID_FOREST1
The Deep Dark Woods of Marion RID_FOREST5 Ant: 60%, Spider: 40%
Home of the Marion Elder RID_MAR_ELDER_HUT
Out of Grace with the Higher Powers RID_OOG/RID_OUTOFGRACE
The Meeting Place of the Gods RID_GODROOM
Meridian University RID_UNIVERSITY
object gallery RID_GALLERY