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When light is held near its otherwise red surface, this prism refracts a startling black rainbow. If the legends of these magical items hold true, however, its real worth lies in its ability to focus the magical energies of a spellcaster for the casting of certain special spells. According to the mages of antiquity, a prism must be placed upon the ground before a spell may be focused through it. The spell being chanted will fire when enough magical power has been stored in the prism. This spherical prism requires only 1 caster and currently contains no magical energy.


A prism spell catalyst that only requires one caster. Previously, only guilded Necromancers could use it, but the Necro guild is currently disabled until it can be fixed. Until then, by player request, anyone wearing an Ao3 can use the spherical prism.

This means Hunt, Bond, Blood Inheritance, Righteous Inheritance, and the like can be cast with one person, cutting their reagents by x3. For those players raiding Prisms, that means you can Bond with 1 major heartstone of each type instead of 3 of each type. (which was a bit excessive) This is also only possible because of concurrent soth and ao3 changes removing karma requirements. The traffic in Brax may increase due to this change, which is interesting because to use the prism you have to have an ao3... which means you're attackable by soth wielders. Have fun :)


It resides, immovable, in the Inner Sanctum of Queen Venya'cyr.