Shield Wall

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The very first duty of all knights is to protect their liege, thus the very first skill a knight learns is to actively wield a shield in defense of himself and others. While in this stance, a warrior will attempt to block every attack coming from the front, but cannot himself attack. He will also block movement by enemies past either side.

Focusing all one's attention on the front comes with a risk: attacks from behind are extremely difficult to avoid.

Lastly, wearing a heavy shield is required to maintain a shield wall.

Intone the proper mantra to assume this stance: say 'I shall endure!'.

To relax to a normal stance, say 'Om.'


Hold a shield wall. Players may not pass you on the sides, and you attempt to actively block incoming frontal attacks. Meridian's first 'hold a passageway' skill, among other very useful tactics.


Sold by Cylill