Singular Focus

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Increases Intellect by up to 20, at the cost of similar amounts of Might, Agility, and Aim. This is the longest duration personal enchantment in the game, clocking in at up to two and a half hours. The Intellect granted cannot let you buy additional skill levels, but it does increase Intellect spell damage (typically Riija illusionary attacks) by up to 20% and Int/Myst spell damage (Faren, Qor, etc) by up to 10% purely from the extra Intellect alone.

Might, Agility, and Aim loss equals Int loss, so the stat loss grows as your spellpower in Singular Focus increases. At 99 sp, gain 20 int and -20 might agil and aim. This is definitely a spell for pure mages.


Mana 60
Vigor 2
Reagents 2 Rainbow Fern, 2 Firesand, 2 Solagh
Purchased From Duke Akardius
Concentration No