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Allows proficient never-do-wells to avoid detection when entering areas. Only the most astute adversaries will detect a master of sneaking. To attempt to begin sneaking, walk slowly for a few seconds. Once sneaking, you will lose your silent rhythm if you run or fight unless you are using the 'light feet' stance.


Users of the Sneak skill can enter and exit rooms without triggering opponent Awareness messages. To activate Sneak, the user must walk for 4 seconds, after which they will automatically attempt to enter sneak mode. Users will see a PE icon and a message. Sneak is based on Agility, and is more effective the higher Agility a warrior has. Characters with high Intellect may still have their Awareness skill beat your Sneak if you have low Agility. Sneak requires focus: casting, fighting, running, and resting will lose it. Lastly, Sneaking characters will not draw mob aggro.


Sold by Kerrenor