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Banditry's final and most powerful information skill, Spy allows a sneaking and hiding user to 'peer' into a room for up to 4 seconds before fully entering it. Spyers must walk; any focus breaking will break Spy, and you will appear. However, Spying is incredibly powerful in that it allows you to effectively enter rooms from points other than the exact zone-in spot (enter while sneaking and hiding, use your four seconds to walk past the entry point) or to get first strike on those waiting for them at an entry point (you will see your enemy and have a chance to attack or cast, after which your sneak, hide, and spy will all drop). Spy is an incredible gamechanger for those that have it. Zone-in points and tactics around them may never be the same. However, walls will still catch Spyers and stop them in their tracks.


Sold by Celegorm