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Grant moderators, admins, guides the ability to squelch offline users, and to be more specific in the kinds of communication prohibited. Using the Squelch spell as the interface, any DM with the spell can squelch all forms of communication for a player, or take away individual types of communication. Offline players can also be squelched using the spell.

When the Squelch spell is cast, the DM is given instructions on how to use it, and has 20 seconds to name players (and types if applicable) to squelch them. Types available are: globes, broadcasts, tells, says, or if no type is given all forms of communication are squelched. So if the DM casts Squelch, then says broadcasts test, the player 'test' would lose the ability to broadcast. The DM could then say globes test to remove test's ability to post, or just say test to restore any lost abilities. A player can be squelched completely by just saying the player's name, if they have no squelches applied already.




Squelch operates by setting the piFlags2 variable in Player.
There are five new flags in blakston.khd to enable the different forms of squelching available:

  * PFLAG2_SQUELCHED_TELLS  = 0x000200
  * PFLAG2_SQUELCHED_BCAST  = 0x000400
  * PFLAG2_SQUELCHED_SAYS   = 0x000800
  * PFLAG2_SQUELCHED_POSTS  = 0x001000
  * PFLAG2_SQUELCHED_ALL    = 0x001E00

The last flag sets the bits for the previous flags to 1, squelching all forms of communication.



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Pull request: https://github.com/Daenks/Meridian59_103/pull/642


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