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In addition to the effects listed below, every skill and/or spell has a statistic upon which its learning "soft cap" is based. The soft cap for all skills is 2x its respective stat. For example, a character with 25 mysticism and a Minor Heal, would find it much more difficult to improve the skill past 50% (or conversely, much easier to raise it to 50%). Therefore, 50 in a stat is desirable for spells of that school to have the easiest time raising them to 99%. There is no learning bonus for over 50 in any stat, save for Intellect's general bonus of lowering the amount of training required to progress to the next level of a school.


Generally, might affects how much a character can hold, and contributes to their maximum melee damage.

It's worth noting, that a level two spell called Super Strength can affect this statistic. It is the only statistic increasing spell in game that a player can cast.

  • Each point of might adds a small amount to total carry weight.
  • Each point of might over 25 will add 1% melee damage to strength based melee attacks (hammer, fists, axes). A buffed and well equipped player with 70 might for example, would have a +45% bonus to melee attacks.


Intellect is the primary statistic used to determine the number of spell schools and to what degree (level in those schools) a character can learn.

Characters with high intellect will need less progression in their respective school levels to advance, in addition to having access to an additional maximum school level for every 5 intellect.

Intellect is also the primary statistic for both Jala and Riija spells.

  • Each point of intellect over 25 adds 1% bonus damage to attack spells.


Stamina is the primary statistic used to determine how fast a character recuperates lost Hitpoints, and gains additional hitpoints (Toughers!).

Health regeneration is based on the Stamina stat as well as active Stamina, and is capped at 1hp/second. The cap is reachable with 200 stamina(active) regardless of how much Stamina(stat) your character has. A character with a high stamina stat stamina will, however, require much less stamina(active) to cap out on regeneration speed. If you keep your character at 200 stamina all the time, even a character with 1 stamina (stat) will reach the passive regeneration cap. However, if you like to let your stamina fall to low levels frequently, the regeneration bonus from Stamina(stat) becomes much more pronounced.

This statistic also determines a character's maximum, base hitpoints. All characters can gain at least 101 hitpoints with the maximum (for a character with 50 stamina) being 150 hitpoints. Where 100 is the base allowed, and each point of stamina the character has is one more maximum hitpoint above 100 the character can learn.

Stamina is also the primary statistic for Kraanan spells.


Agility is the primary statistic used to determine how well a character evades attacks.

  • Each point of Agility adds 8 base defense rating.
  • Each point of Agility over 25 adds 1% damage to Scimitar melee attacks.

This statistic is also a primary statistic for the iconic evasive skills: Dodge, Parry, and Block.


Mysticism is the primary statistic that determines the speed at which your mana recuperates and the maximum base mana a character can have.

  • Each point of Mysticism over 25 adds 1% damage to attack spells.
  • Each 5 points of Mysticism adds to the amount of mana gained from nodes, effectively increasing maximum mana capacity.

This statistic is also the primary statistic for the spells in the core schools, Faren, Shal'ille and Qor.


Aim is an important stat for dealing damage, as every point makes it easier for you to strike enemies.

  • Each point of Aim adds 8 base attack rating.
  • Each point of Aim over 25 adds 1% to melee attacks using knives, fencing weapons, short swords, and ranged attacks.

Aim is also the primary stat for archery and dagger wielding skills.

Ancient Trinket


Changes to your stats after you have started playing your character are done by way of a new item: the ancient trinket. Mobs of your difficulty level or higher (anything you gain tougher chance on) have a chance to drop a trinket. If you acquire one, you can offer it to an Elder (In Marion Ran er'Hoth, Jasper Afiera D'xor, The Raza Elder, or the Bone Priestess on Ko'catan) and you'll be presented a screen to make changes to your stats, reminiscent of the character creation system. This transaction is not complete and the token remains unconsumed until the new stats are accepted.

There is one big difference, lowering stats will take a toll its respective skills and/or spells. Your character loses 2% in each skill per point of reduction in its respective stat. Taking out of stamina, for instance, would cause your Kraanan spells to lose percentage points. Lowering might, agility or aim would cause some of your Weaponcraft skills to lower, depending on which statistic you lowered. Lowering intellect may require you to selectively lose entire levels of schools. This is important to remember, since, in order to make any changes to your statistics you will need to lower some to raise others.

This process is irreversible, and the only way to fix a mistake is to find another token and turn it in. Trinkets have a life span of 2 Meridian years, after which the token will simply disappear from your inventory. This is to prevent people from stockpiling tokens and trivializing the stat respec system.

Stat Reset Patch Notes

Added in 1.0.9

  • Added a system for players to reset their stats. Stat resets are available from the elders in Raza, Marion and Jasper, and require offering an item (ancient trinket) to access the system. Currently this is free for characters under 50 HP, but this is likely to change.
  • Ancient trinkets are a rare drop from any monster you can advance on (i.e. monster level less than your hit points). These trinkets are delicate and will decay and disappear after two meridian years (40 days). Trinkets handed out by admins cannot be traded or dropped, but those obtained from monsters can.
  • Players can also remove school levels using the stat reset system (may be required if intellect is being reduced).
  • WARNING: lowering a stat will also cause any spell or skill associated with that stat to be reduced by 2% for each stat point removed.
  • Admins will not roll back any changes to characters done via the stat reset system: use at your own risk.

Added in 1.0.16:

  • Bone Priestess will now perform stat changes if given an ancient trinket.