Sword of Riija

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This enigmatic weapon is as strange as its namesake.

Swords of Riija:

  • deal slash damage rather than thrust damage
  • are only -10 spellpower rather than -15 like a Mystic Sword
  • add +10 spellpower to Riija spells instead of penalizing them
  • will never break in the hands of the owner
  • will almost never hit successfully in the hands of someone other than the owner
  • will heal themselves by 1 point of durability when the wielder attempts to cast Riija spells
  • Can inflict bleeds, stun enemies, and knock them back because Riija is a strange god.

These strange swords can only be obtained by doing a series of quests on the jungle island of Ko'catan.
The sword is no longer required to cross the bridge to the Riija temple.

All Riija Swords are level 222.


Name Value
Weight 90
Primary Stat Aim
Damage Type Slashing
Mendable Yes
Enchantable Yes
Protection vs Magic No
Magical Find No