High Sorcerers

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You find this encounter atop the Ziggurat in the desert. They are intelligent and very deadly. You need high magic resist and high elemental resist if you hope to survive long enough to harm them.

There are 6 sorcerers, each aligned with one of the 6 major elements. They drop socketed and magic items of level 240.

Esh'Munamash, High Sorcerer of Life - heals and casts Purge and Dazzle.

Izabel, High Sorcerer of Acid- She casts Slitherbolt and Splash of Acid.

Qua'Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire - he casts Fireball, Blast of Fire, and Heat and has significantly more hps than the others.

Siz, High Sorcerer of Death - she casts Blind, Hold, and Vampiric Drain

Zel'Hannorik, High Sorcerer of Lighting - he casts Lightning Bolt, Sand Storm, and Shocking Fury

Tanis, High Sorcerer of Cold - she casts a very damaging ranged spell called Icebolt Volley , Explosive Frost

Wisdom Awarded:

  • Five of the High Sorcerers - 20,000
  • Qua Kornedrin, High Sorcerer of Fire - 50,000
  • Orbs = a lot


Killing the Holy and Unholy sorcerers first is currently the best strategy as they will happily spam Dazzle/Purge and Hold/Blind.

It's better to kill the Fire sorcerer last as he is harder to kill than the others. and his death triggers the appearance of the second stage of the encounter, the orbs.

After Qua'Kornedrin falls, you will then need to combat 5 spheres that cast elemental spell, include a heavy hitting Quake spell. They drop level 300 items. Once you have succeeded, you will have saved Biskalane... And earned a large amount of AW.


The sorcerers drop level 240 items.

Enchanted weapons
Blue Dragon Scale
Inky Cap Mushroom
Plate Armor socketed
Sylvan Shield socketed
Bandit Scimitar
Ring of Shock Resistance
Ring of Acid Resistance
Ring of Purity
Ring of Corruption
Ring of Fire Resistance
Knight's Helm
Fine Lute
Runed Helm
Necklace of Jala
Scroll of Discord
Shard of Empowerment
Quartz Crystal
Verdant Crystal
Star Ruby
Sapphire Teardrop