Test of Mind and Body

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"The Test of Mind and Body is in the southwest 5x5 section"

SKILL AND SPELL MASTERIES Available in the maze for completing The Test of Mind and Body.

ADEPT ABILITIES If you conquer the maze, you may choose ONE spell or skill to master above all others.

  • Hermitage: you are virtually immune to hexes.
  • Fencing: you gain defense equal to half your fencing weapon's listed offense bonus. Includes mods.
  • Shield Wall: you block enemy passage three squares to your left and right instead of one. (Enough to block Main Gate passages in Tos, CN, BQ, etc)
  • Valiant Charge: triple the distance traveled.
  • Scimitar Wielders can drain small amounts of vigor with their strikes.
  • Dagger Wielders gain defense as they get lower in health.
  • Hammer Wielders can make short leaps at enemies to close the gap to melee raneg.
  • Inert Form specialists can triple their resistance to elemental ailments.
  • Earthquake specialists damage triple the range.
  • Flame Dash specialists travel triple the distance.
  • Fireball specialists can deal splash damage.
  • Lightning bolt specialists can chain lightning bolts to one extra target (prioritizes enemy players).