The Seer

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Nobody knows the Seer's real name. The only thing they know about her is that she can see things others cannot. From whence she hails, or what her agenda might be, she has said little.

She is willing to weave enchantments around you for a small fee per spell. The power of her spells is not on par with true masters, but she has the unique ability to make her enchantments last far longer than they would otherwise.

Located in the Adventurer's League of Meridian. Her enchantments last over an hour. She also sells Potions of Forgetfulness for Alchemy, Bestiary, and Shadowcraft.

Sells the following enchantments.
Bless - 750
Eagle Eyes - 3000
Free Action - 1500
Haste - 750
Magic Shield - 1500
Night Vision - 1500
Resist Acid - 750
Resist Cold - 750
Resist Poison - 750
Resist Shock - 1500
Super Strength - 750
Withstand Fire - 750